Viva Vendula

Viva Vendula

This is only my second season of ordering... and I have to say #vendulalondon is one of those products that blows my mind!

The fact that they are #veganapproved #veganfriendly is a great help in these ever changing customer requirements for alternative products.


The attention to detail is so #unique and I can see why there are so many #collectors out there, they only tend to bring out a handful of new designs each season but the range they deliver in that handful of designs I believe caters for all types of needs. 

From #shopperbags and #backbacks to #coinpurses and #phonecasepurses they have something for everyone, including smaller #giftidea #purses that you can buy without breaking the bank. This little #ginbar #zipperpurse is only £20!


I try and stock a little of everything because as a #smallbusiness I just can't afford to order everything (if I could I would for sure). I can always top up order so if there is anything I don't have and you would like (and it's available for me to order) then I am always willing to sort if I can.

Happy Shopping all you #uniqueindividulas 



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