Taking a step further back...

Taking a step further back...

Well it's certainly been a testing year!

Whilst one part of my brain says not to spend anything and sit and wait, see if events and parties will pick up.. the other part is like... 'we need new stock' 'we need to try something new' 'we need to stay positive and motivated' Its a struggle I can tell you that much!

I have always said that I only like to order #1940s and #1950s inspired clothing because they are the era's I feel comfortable with. Well, I am steeping outside my comfort zone!!. 

Baby steps into the unknown of the 1920s... I may even have to watch The Great Gatsby to see what all the fuss is about. Or is it Peaky Blinders these days?

I have contacted the fabulous #GatsbyLady and have made a small order for some fabulous 1920s inspired dresses (with the odd accessory) to get us going.

This brand is amazing and caters for #plussize which is very rare for this repro era. I haven't ordered any of the bigger sizes yet but am more than happy to should anyone ask for it.

Hopefully there will be plenty of #Gatsby themed #parties and #events (Did you know that #GoodwoodRevival has a #20s following) to look forward too a little later in the year. I have stuck to the shorter #flapper dresses for now... but don't despair, I WILL be ordering #gowns and #maxidresses later in the year. 

As I have tried to do with my usual stock, I try and maintain a limited stock so that your not so likely to turn up to an event in the same outfit as another person (Of course I cannot guarantee this).

Hopefully you will appreciate the beautiful stock I am bringing in and appreciate the work and effort that goes into these pieces, and whilst true you can find a flapper dress on ebay for cheaper... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! 

So brush up on your #charleston skills and join in the #glitz and #glam of the #roaring20s

As always should you have any requests or questions, then feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help and accommodate. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of this new era COMING SOON.

Stay Safe

Love V. xx

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