Barmy about theBalm

Barmy about theBalm

A good friend pestered me to get a brand of #cosmetics as there are very few (if any) stockists based here in the UK, and I was a little dubious as I have tried make-up products before and they haven't really sold well... except for the #quickflick but that's a very frustrating story that 'long story short' ended in Superdrug taking over the monopoly and shoving my #smallbusiness nose out.

Moving on... theBalm story

theBalm FounderImage taken from theBalm Website


Their founder (pictured above) quit her job in 2004, crafted a plan, and began mixing ingredients and voila, theBalm was born.  Her philosophy; to create makeup that inspires you to do what you love and look damn good doing it.

This company really do have cosmetics down to a fine art - timeless, versatile and always picture perfect. With velvet textures, rich colours, triple-milled pigments and anti-aging ingredients (not that you need it), they are committed to creating premium cosmetics at an accessible price. They do this so you can release your inner artist and feel fabulous - wherever the day takes you.

theBalm Promise

Like so many companies certain things are very important to them because its important to their customers.

Other things are just a delightful extra that we didn't know we needed...

theBalm Ingredients

 Whilst I really can't afford to stock the full range (yet), I did go a little overboard on the first order so I could get a good representation of what the brand has to offer. I realise that unless your an avid #theBalmers follower then you may not even know about this brand. Being an #American #brand it usually takes a little longer for us #Brits to get in on the action.

At this point in time our #bestsellers are definitely the #meetmattehughes #lipsticks whether you buy your favourite colour full size product or go for the #minkits everyone is raving about their staying power!


Meet Matte Hughes


They have some fabulous colour palettes too, and the more the word gets out there that I stock this brand the more I can get in for you beautiful #pinups


Eyeshadow Palette


I mean really if you think about it, I'm saving you money as you can order directly from the brand, but you would have to pay shipping costs, customs, taxes and VAT and all those extra things that add up... Ordering from little ol me will mean you just pay for the products and maybe shipping... unless you spend over £50 in which case its FREE! #justsaying

 Feel free to check out what theBalm I have in stock by clicking here

I will leave you with one of my favourite sayings:

"The eyes are the nipples of the face"

Hahahaha #sorrynotsorry


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