You Don't Need an Excuse To Wear A Dress...

You Don't Need an Excuse To Wear A Dress...

Let's start with a little light hearted rant shall we...

As someone who deals with the public on a daily basis you develop a thick skin, or even a deaf ear if you will, however, this is not always the case and there are certain comments that will set off the internal fireworks that don't get let off until your 'safety zone'.

One of my favourites is a variation of:

'I never go anywhere to wear it' 

Especially when coupled with 'I don't go anywhere to wear a dress'

I'm not sure when people suddenly started associating a dress with going 'out out' and that was the only reason you would wear one! I mean sure if your looking at one of the more 'formal' dresses like so... Then maybe not popping to the local supermarket would be on the agenda, LOL.

 Jessya by #chichilondon 

I know I am biased as I love the #1940s #1950s fashion and I honestly find it so much easier to wear a dress than worry about matching tops with bottoms. I also find them much more #flattering and I feel more #feminine which is what those era's embraced, they help create shape whilst covering up the lumps and bumps I generally find harder to cover up in separates. 

#embraceyourbody #beunique #befreetobeyou

Wearing a simple #teadresses and even #swingdresses everyday is not that scary, you don't need to wear #petticoats if you don't want too (some dresses are not suited to take them anyway), and lot of the #dresses lend themselves very nicely to being worn as day dresses. You don't even have to do the whole 'look' if you don't want to, I know I don't do my hair and make up full on pin up everyday!

 I mean just look at this little cute number from #heartsandroseslondon it's just so #pretty you can add a petticoat, but it equally looks amazing without, and why not just wear it to go #shopping or to the #pub ?

 I guess all I'm saying is wearing a dress is not weird, or complicated, or too much, and you 100% do not need to go overboard with the 'look'.

Don't get stuck in the mind set that a dress needs an occasion to be worn, a dress can be worn anytime, any place, any where.

See you out there ;)



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