Clothes Maketh The Man

Clothes Maketh The Man

We have dabbled in the menswear area for a while now, although it's a very difficult task finding the right thing, and like with the womenswear we will never get it right for some.

However, we trailed a few waistcoats and Blazer/Jackets from #joebrowns and they just literally flew out the door! So the decision was made that maybe we were missing a trick!

Peaky Blinder Tan Suit Cliffords of Arundel 

So welcome 'Cliffords of Arundel' a brand within our RetroEsque brand, which for now will be housed in it's own separate room upstairs with our in house milliner Isabella Josie Millinery 

We are working hard behind the scenes to get the room ready and the stock in place so that hopefully come the new year we are good to go and welcome a whole new type of customer through our doors! 

We are working on a separate website also, however, for now all items can and will be found in the menswear section on RetroEsque's website!

It is going to be a bit of a risk and experiment, but, we are hugely excited about it, and some of the stockists I am working with having some stunning quality goods, and we hope you will agree when you get chance to visit.

For now check out the website as we will be adding more and hopefully more moving forward.

V. xx

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